Great Father’s Day gift – Cardio Shirt from Numetrex

Give your Dad/husband something much more fashionable and innovative than the usual tie for Father’s Day.

numetrix_cardio_shirt_colors.jpg Numetrex™ started selling just in time for the ‘big daddy day’ the Cardio Shirt.

The Cardio Shirt eliminates the need for a separate heart rate monitoring chest strap – and makes you boys and dads great looking. It comes in two colors: Graphite or Blue Steel.

The NuMetrex cardio shirt is compatible with Polar® heart rate monitors and the Polar WearLink™ transmitter. More details on this great looking shirt on our previous post.

Go and make your Father (or husband) happy and keep him off the couch fit and buy the Cardio Shirt directly by Numetrex’s online shop. If you order before June 15 you get even a 20% discount which makes in only $ 47.15

Go and hurry up!

If you do not have a Polar system, Numetrex offers you different packages with the Cardio Shirt starting from the transmitter only up to the RS200 Polar system.


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