Wearable electronic – See Through Camera Jammer

see-through-camera-jammerWith cameras as small as a needle head and camera function added to almost every electronic devices we carry around, taking pictures in any location to record our life with every step.

But with most of our tools, they can be used for good AND evil.

Spies, voyeurs and other mischiefing subjects can turn those cameras easily into ‘peep through your clothes‘ devices using IR, low-light, and other technologies intended for night-time surveillance.

Yuk Ma, Ho Yi Leung and Ka Kuen Chan students at the Sheng Kung Hui Li Ping Secondary School, Hong Kong presented during the recently held Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Reno, Nevada their beautifully designed, innovative project the ‘See Through Camera Jammer‘, an ornament made of IR LEDs which interfere with the infrared light of cameras causing overexposing the image resulting in blurred photo shots.

The students have already the next version in mind, connecting to solar cells so the ‘See Through Camera Jammer’ can run all day.

Or maybe this concept can be part of clothing so when you head for the next party and expect a lot of paparazzi will follow you, just pull over the ‘See Through Camera Jammer Dress‘.

[via: ChipChick]


  1. I found this blog while looking for info on these camera’s, to put an article on my own blog. This is new technology to me, so Thanks for the info.

  2. Hi Eric,
    Would it be possible to put a copy of this page/ article on my blog? I will of course give you credit for this as the author!

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