Dunhill Avorities Solar Panel Bag

One of the most exclusive Men’s fashion houses, Dunhill, has joined the Wearable Electronic trend by introducing the Avorities™ Solar Panel Bag.

dunhill_solar_bag.jpgThe solar panels on the side of the Avorities™ Solar Panel Bag charge a discreetly-concealed battery, with which the busiest of men can ready his favourite gadgets for immediate use – mobiles, BlackBerries, MP3 Players and digital cameras.

A set of adaptors makes sure that the battery can charge products from different brands. Made from black and grey nylon and trimmed with black leather, the Avorities™ Solar Bag is a multifunctional accessory for the high-performing dad.

The Avorities™ Solar Panel Bag is part of the Avorities™ collection created in anticipation of the demanding schedule of the business traveller . The fabric unique to Avorities™ has been developed to be lightweight yet durable, as well as scratch and stain resistant. This is combined with nylon covered zips, which makes then water resistant.

To help the organization of all the small portable business tool, the Avorities™ collection is equipped with well thought out pocketing, including open, netting and zip pockets, magnetic closures, iPod holes on selected styles, and adjustable shoulder straps and detachable shoulder pads.

Available exclusively on dunhill.com for $ 1,315.- not a bargain but – it’s a Dunhill after all.

[via: engadget]


  1. Wow, does it come in any other colours? I would really like to see the inside of the bag, anyone got pictures of that?

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