Plug-and-wear, open source for smart fabrics and interactive textiles

light-emitting-fabricDIY e-textile enthusiasts face sometimes the problem of getting the required materials needed for all the fabulous projects talk2myShirt is covering from Instructables and many other dedicated project sites.

Often the creators of the DIY projects give a list of sources where to get the specific e-textile materials but often they are spread over different off and online shops.

How cool would it be to have a one-stop-shop where e-textile crafters order everything at one place, Adruino’s, conductive textiles and yarns, textile sensors, …..

An Italian company picked up this ‘one-stop-shop for e-textiles’ and prepares the launch of ‘‘ an online shop where e-textile crafters can find everything needed under one roof link.

Founded by Riccardo Marchesi, ‘Plugandwear’ will start off with their own specialty fabrics like light emitting fabrics made of polyester or stainless steel with EL fibers embedded, fabrics sensitive to pressure in different sizes, colors and activation forces, conductive ribbons, tapes and wide fabrics in different color, size and conductivity.

In addition to the smart fabrics the store will have inverters for EL fibers, flexible PCB’s compatible in size with these fabrics, Arduino boards and related components, pins, connectors, in short – everything around e-textiles including specialty parts for sewing machines.

‘Plugandwear’ will also offer sensors manufactured by our frequent ‘guest’ in the DIY corner: Plusea.

There is another list of items Riccardo is already planning to add to the initial products including fabrics sensitive to temperature and emotional fabrics (sounds exiting).

Background of ‘Plugandwear': Riccardo and his brother inherited a company founded by their father in 1951 to manufacture knitting machines. Over the years the manufacturing was taken over by Asia. To stay in business the brothers had to look forward into new, more advanced areas and started exploring smart, interactive textiles.

Combining the heritage of fabric manufacturing with an educational background in electronics created the starting point for developing a range of e-textile products ‘made in Italy’. INNTEX is their first brand targeting the e-textile market. ‘Plugandwear’ is their next step to provide materials and tools for the DIY as well as business community to create complete projects and products with their novelty fabrics.

‘Plugandwear’ is still under construction but the store opening will be soon. To make sure you will be the first to know about the the opening check out talk2myShirt regularly.

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