Firefox Sound Bag

fox_pod.jpgOur Web-browser of choice is Firefox from Mozilla. It’s by far the most stable, platform independent and expandable Web-browser every created. The iPod is a well known portable audio player and one of our life enhancers during the long hours awake.

Now – where is the Wearable Electronic component coming in? This is not a blog about Web-browser nor about iPod, though the later is very often named here.

Mozilla offers in their online Store a Sound Bag! If you are happy with the Mozilla products you can express this and buy the merchandise from their shop. The sound Bag is one of the items.

Play your tunes in style with the Firefox G-Tech sound case and support the future of this great browser. Based on G-Tech’s own product, the iPod Shell with speaker, this shockproof case has built in speakers and is powered by 2x AAA batteries.

firefox_bag.jpgWhat’s holding us back to give our credit card info is the missing keypad from Eleksen that G-Tech uses on their Sound Shells.

Actually, the Firefox Sound Bag is not only for the iPod, any audio player with a 3.5mm headphone connector can be used. Unfortunately, this universality eliminated the great functionality of controls on the outside of the Sound Bag.

The front of the case is decorated with the Firefox wordmark in black. That’s not very exiting either. Why didn’t they use the great looking Firefox logo?

Dear Fox, it’s great that you go for innovative accessory items in your store but it would be even greater to use state of the art functionality – next time.

You can order the Firefox Sound Bag on Mozilla’s online store for $ 32.- We for our part wait until the improved version is available but then we will queue up overnight if needed to get one.

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