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tweetshirtTwitter is the ‘hottest place to be’ at the moment, bringing the virtual and real world closer together than any other system. Tweet whatever is on your mind from your cellphone or notebook in short messages (similar to SMS) to your online community and followers – instantly.

The TweetShirt from Stef Verheijen, better know under his online identity Steffest, a web-developer during daytime and self-proclaimed dreamer and tinkerer during nighttime, elevates the Twitter spirit a notch higher by showing your tweets on a T-Shirt making them visible not only to followers but everyone around you.

Steffest started out using a small LCD display in the T-Shirt but abandoned it soon and to change over to a soft, textile like display by stitching together a matrix of 8×8 LEDs to a flexible structure which is then covered by a layer of fabric to diffuse and soften the light and give the display a textile feel and look.


His goal is to have more then one of these patches connected together to form a bigger display like a 16×16 pixel matrix. This keeps the system modular and flexible to use with different format factors.

The display is then connected to the internet ready to receive all the Tweets from friends. Another from of interaction with the TweetShirt will be, according Steffest ‘dreams’, short distance wireless control like a Wii remote control which he used during a demonstration to play a snake game on the TweetShirt.

Let’s hope Steffest will have enough time to complete the TweetShirt soon, it’s such a cool idea, blurring the line between online and offline worlds.

Stay tuned for an update on the next version of the TweetShirt either here on talk2mytShirt or by following us on Twitter.

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