Triumph International introduces the ‘Husband hunting’ bra

triumph-konkatsu-braTriumph International Japan is no newbie when it comes to integration of technology into lingerie, their main business.

Last year it was a solar power collecting bra and this season (no, it’s just a demonstrator and headline grabbing model) it is the ‘Konkatsu Bra‘ literally meaning ‘marriage hunting’ bra.

So how does it work? Japan struggles to keep up their birthrate as women marry late – if at all. Triumph picked up this problem and after a in-depth market study came up with a bra timer showing how many days are left for the wearer to get married or else – become ‘left over’. Luckily, the countdown timer can be set by the women (and not by Triumph).

Once the bra is ‘set-off’ it can only be stopped by insert an engagement ring into the ring compartment between the bra cups.

Oh well – it’s Japan after all, the only place in the world where technology (over) rules everything.

Triumph International might be better off to invite people from the e-Textile community next year to make a better designed ‘high-tech’ integration into futuristic lingerie concepts.

[Pink Tentacle via Dvice]


  1. It would an interesting sociological study to see two things. First, is there a direct and inverse relationship between the probability of getting married and wearing this bra. What ages do they set it at?

  2. what next, she aks? a watch that goes off when your life expectancy is over, a waist band that exploded when you are too fat, inflatable panties that inflate when you get wet?

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