Bags + Solar energy + Environment protection = Noon Solar

noon_solar_bag.jpgSummer means (usually) lot of sunshine. Sunshine is energy, energy that can be well used for the ever growing power needs for our ever more powerful gadgets like MP3 player, cell phone, PDA – just to name a few.

Noon Solar is an environmentally conscious company that started a unique line of handbags with integrated solar panels to charge portable electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and PDAs. With this line of handbags, Noon Solar creatively confronts the important issue of our culture’s dependence on non-renewable energy resources, and offers consumers a sustainable alternative.

By integrating solar technology into handbags, Noon Solar’s goal is to create interest for consumers in renewable power and integrate it into daily life. The handbags are more than a fashion statement, they are a personal statement about a commitment to sustainability, sensibility, and responsibility. Isn’t that a good reason to keep you walking on the sunny side of the street?

Each bag has a solar panel at the back that, when attached to an external battery pack, charges your iPod or cell phone as you walk or simply have your bag laying in a ray of light indoors or in your car. Made of biodegradable leather that’s been tanned with nuts and berries (as opposed to soil-polluting chromium), the bags are screen-printed with hemp and cotton fabric, lined with wool felt, and weatherproofed with a coat of beeswax. So they look good and do good.

Watch the creator and creation of the bags in the video below:

The current range sells for about $ 550,- but you need to contact them directly, the link on their Website to an online store does not work. Noon Solar’s Website is under construction as of this writing but they do state that a line of five styles will be available for Fall 2007.

A bit odd – fall is not the best time of the year to get lot of sunshine. Better hurry up Noon Solar and release them earlier 😉

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