Smart Fabrics 2009 wrap-up

smartfabrics-2009-analysisThe annually held Smart Fabrics conference organized by IntertechPira is one of the biggest events in the wearable electronic business calendar.

This years Smart Fabrics was help in Rome, Italy, the center of the world of fashion.

The 2009 edition has seen an expansion in terms of information diversity as well as in the choices visitors got offered on specific seminars which where run in parallel covering the academia, industry developments and consumer applications represented by top brands.

The event was very well organized with a program rich on topics, attracting a great mix of international visitors and presenters demonstrating the world wide interest into wearable technology developments.

Nevertheless there is room for improvement for future events: some attendancees, especially from the business sector who followed Smart Fabrics since it’s first edition in 2005, left the event with mixed feelings. Seeing new, technological advancements on one hand but not seeing yet the ‘break through’ business success on the other hand is for some brands a point of attention if not concern.

Many Smart Fabrics attendancees told me the atmosphere right now is like everyone is waiting for the ‘killer application’, the application that brings success and huge volumes overnight.

Now I am not claiming to have the answer how the ‘killer application’ will look, I do have opinions on how such application could look like and my view is to offer solutions to consumer which captivate, excite in order to be accepted broadly. Wearable technologies play a vital part in such solution but they are not the solution, the ‘killer-app’ in itself.

Having said this, I think there are still a lot of opportunities to be discovered and explored in the field of wearable technologies and let’s plan how the Smart Fabrics 2010 which is already under construction and set for April in Miami can once again play a key role in bringing together the best and most knowledgeable, the most innovative and creative companies and individuals together to work out what the ‘killer-app’ of wearable electronic will be.


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