disconnectedMy apologies to the many readers of talk2myShirt who have given valuable inputs via the ‘HAVE IDEAS?’ contact form over the past 3 month and never received feedback.

Due to my negligence I did not discover a broken link in the mail forwarding I have set up. Everything was fine until we moved talk2myShirt to a bigger hosting server end of last year.

Sure, we have redirected email forwarding to our new server and it worked fine at the begin but …. we got disconnected somehow afterward.

Instead of checking more often during the transition of hosting provider I was too trustful that everything works.

During our quarterly server maintenance this weekend we discovered the big mistake of not checking earlier.

All submitted forms are on the server but not forwarded to our collective email account. I started immediately to read each of them and give my feedback. Most of this is already done and the remaining contact inputs will have my feedback returned in the next few hours.

The problem with email checking and forwarding is fixed now. Additionally we have added on the right navigation panel, next to the search option, a ‘Contact us’ button where you can directly send your comments, feedback, suggestions without the need to go to our ‘HAVE IDEAS?’ page.

Adding a ‘Contact us’ button clearly visible and easy to reach was of course long overdue but it needed this ‘disaster’ to make us move and update our blog template.

Again, my apologies to everyone who send comments during the past three month, I will answer you shortly.

Erich Zainzinger,
Founder and Editor of talk2myShirt

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