Heartbeat – invisible jewelry from Moritz Waldemeyer

Heartbeat_Jewelry.jpgMoritz Waldemeyer, the mastermind behind illuminated Haute Tech creations such as the stage wear for US rock band OK Go or the Sparkling Crystal Dress in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan presented another variant of his fashionable illumination designs during the Salone del Mobile in Milano, Italy.

The Heartbeat is a ‘new concept of invisible jewelry‘ as Waldemeyer explains on his Website, ‘a pendant is worn underneath the shirt using the fabric as a projection surface to create vibrant animations.

Waldemeyer further elaborates: ‘The concept also answers the decade old design question of how and when practical and affordable electronic fashion will become a reality. By seperating the electronics from the fabric and creating high tech jewelry, the fancy catwalk dream has become an affordable designer product.

As dedicated fan of integrating electronics into textiles, I see more potential in merging technology and textiles to create (re)active fabrics which will offer more design freedom.

The Heartbeat visualization could be more appealing if the animation is connected to the heartbeat of the wearer making it more personal(ized). Having a textile sensor and a soft, textile display integrated in a shirt would be …. Wow

Practicality and affordability are two issues that have been solved so far very well by the industry. Point in case: cellphones. In the early days of portable phones they have not been practical (brick size and weight, spotty reception) and had a price tag of a small car.

I like the idea of invisible jewelry adding another facet to make technology more fashionable.

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