Illuminated, organic dress

illuminated_organic_dress.gifCanadian textile artist Marisa Ranalli created an amazing dress resembling deep sea jellyfish fashion with the use of e-textile materials like LilyPad Arduinos, LEDs and nitinol wire (an alloy that changes shape when electricity is applied) to add organic movements and illumination to the dress.

Marisa gets her inspirations from her fascination of the inside, the inside of machines, human body and thoughts, things that are generally hidden from the open view.

The Hybridization dress design is influenced by deep sea life like a jellyfish with it’s moving tentacles and colorful display as defense and communication mechanism.

The third element of her creativity is rooted in her interest to combine electronic parts (which also come usually form the inside) with textiles (the outside) which resulted in this stunning dress design.

Interwoven into the Hybridization dress are many conductive threads and nitinol wires. The conductive threads provide power to the LEDs and nitinol wires.

The nitnol wires and LEDs are both controlled by a set of Lilypad Arduinos and a motion sensor to activate the light pattern as well as the flexing of the ‘tentacles’ (nitinol wires).

A extraordinary, beautiful and creative dress which is on display at the Lennox Contemporary Gallery from April 30th-May 10th.

Details of this dress can be found on her Website.

[via: Craftzine Blog]


  1. I have to say, I am very very happy that I found this blog. I’m surprised that I didn’t find it earlier. I’ve been following this line of wearables since ~2001

  2. Hi Seth, thanks for visiting talk2myShirt and I am happy too that you seems find interest in our blog. Hope we can delight you also in future and please feel free to share any information you will for sure have in the wearable electronic field based on your long time interest :-)

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