Workshop – Weaving Conductive Cloth

weaving_conductive_cloth.jpgMost e-Textile projects as well as commercially available wearable electronic products use sewing as method to add electronic functions into fabrics.

Lynne Bruning, a pioneer in ‘electronic weaving’ shows another option how to electrify our future clothing by using weaving technologies to integrate (vs adding) electrically conductive infrastructure and electrical components during textile fabrication.

Weaving with electronic components opens exiting possibilities as weaving is a technology for large and at the end cost effective production.

Lynne is running ‘Weaving Conductive Cloth‘ on May 15th, a 2-hour workshop at Shuttles Spindles and Skeins in Boulder, CO, to show how the clasped weft technique can be used to embed technology into fabrics.

Workshop examples will utilize stainless steel thread, wire, LEDs, batteries, LilyPads and other electrical components on the store’s loom.

For more details on this workshop click over to Lynne’s blog.


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