Get the sound outdoors – BoomPak from Dell

SonicPak_Dell.jpgNeed to cheer up a bit the last leg of this school year? How about the Targus SonicPak from Dell?

Dell is offering this cool looking BoomPak featuring a padded compartment for protection of not only Dell laptops but will also fit for MacBooks of up to 15.4″.

The sound part is integrated into the front panel which is transformed to a sound emitting area giving decent sound via the surface sound technology from NXT. As this technology uses the soft, called ‘EVA’ material of the bag itself it is a space saving and extremely lightweight sound solution for on-the-go.

Any audio source can be connected via a standard 3.5mm pin connector, so many cell-phones, MP3 player and of course laptop computers.

The battery compartment with an on/off switch, a power-indicator LED as well as a 1.4W*2 amplifier (yeah it’s stereo sound) is integrated into the surface sound panel. The batteries should be able to provide power for up to 100 hours, sounds a bit much for 4x AA batteries or the volume is turned down to ‘unhearable’ levels which misses the point of having a BoomPak. Having half of that time for real volume would be still a good thing.

Dell is selling the SonicPak for S85.99, a reasonable price for what you get next to the great looking sound: side mesh water bottle holders, adjustable, padded shoulder straps, molded carrying handle, oversize zipper pulls for easy gripping and  plenty of pockets for accessories.

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