Adidas-Polar Fusion apparel for runner

There is no denying – the jogging season has started. Time to have a look to your jogging gear. Is it up-to-date or do you need to get something new to motivate you?

If you are ready to get an upgrade of your jogging outfit, why not try the Adidas-Polar Fusion apparel? This gives you a great opportunity to check out one of the most advanced Wearable Electronic products.

Adidas and Polar collaborated to create something special for the jogging enthusiasts: an individualized and objective feedback for runners who want to listen to their bodies and to train more effectively.


The integration simplifies the use and increases comfort, allowing the products to become part of the athlete. Included in the systems are the adidas adiStar Fusion range of apparel (sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve shirts and bras), Polar’s RS800sd running heart rate monitor, which includes coded WearLink transmitter.

adidas_fusion_bra.jpgThe system works via special fibres bonded on to the Adidas tops, working in conjunction with Polar’s WearLink coded transmitter to eliminate the need for a separate chest strap to monitor heart rate. Just snap the tiny Polar WearLink connector onto the adiStar Fusion apparel and go.

It collects ECG accurate heart rate readings from the textile sensors built into the shirt or bra and wirelessly sends the data to the Polar RS800sd wrist unit, which displays and records all information in real time. After the workout, all data can be downloaded onto a computer for full analysis.

And of course, the shirts and bras are fully washable, just snap off the Polar transmitter and up you go into the washing machine.

The adidas adiStar Fusion men’s retail for $ 62.99, the adiStar women’s Cardio Bra for $ 53.99 and the adiStart women’s Long Bra Top for $ 89.99.

The Polar RS 800sd, including the Polar WearLink transmitter and Polar s3 Stride Sensor (for a running shoe), retails for $ 469.95 by

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