DIY – Goodnight Pillow

Good_night_pillow.jpgWe have posted many times about commercially available pillows with integrated sound systems to help people falling asleep by relaxing, soothing tunes.

Instructables user opcp took things in her own hands to ‘save her marriage’ as she writes in her project introduction, as her husband belongs to the part of people who need absolute quietness to fall asleep but she belongs to the group of people who need some soothing tunes to glide over into dreamland.

The Goodnight Pillow DIY project is not overly complicated nor technological challenging, it’s basically the fabrication of a pillow that makes use of the small speaker salvaged from in-ear headphones so there is not much potential to keep awake your partner while you still can listen to your falling asleep songs.

It’s a good example of simplicity and creativity, combining simple components to a useful solution with a bit of soft technology DIY. Wish you sweet dreams with this pillow.

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