SWITCH (me on) hoodies from Killa

Killa_SWITCH_hoodie.jpgInteractive Fashion specialist Killa is holding up with our informed forecast last October to launch a firework of cool and gorgeous looking interactive apparel in 2009.

The latest collection we got work off – and some first photos – is called ‘SWITCH‘ making it extremely chick to switch your iPod/iPhone or other personal device this summer.

The softness of the hoodies which will come very cozy on cooler summer evenings utilizes fully the softness of QIO Systems e-textile control buttons which easily follow the soft contours of the body.

The PANiQ modular system allows you to purchase from a selection of different functions such as iPod, Bluetooth or color matching earphones.

the SWITCH hoodies which are made in Vancouver, Canada, will come soon to online shops and retail stores across Canada in different color ways and pinstripe styles.


We will post an update as soon as we see these gorgeous looking SWITCH (me on) hoodies hitting the stores.


  1. Of course i enjoyed it!. Sure they are going to be sold out in no time. I like the colors a lot!. Useful ones to combine with any other personal item of the same color.

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