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talking_quilt.jpgThe ‘Talking Quilt‘, a co-creation between Fiona Carswell, designer of the shockingly-creative ‘Smoking Jacket‘, Alice Tseng-Planas, Kate Hartman, Kati London, Megan MacMurray and Nanna Halinen was developed for speech and learning sessions with a non-verbal, mobility-challenged young girl.

But this concept could be used to entertain kids or ‘grown-ups’ alike. Imagine this: you record on different squares short stories or create an audible puzzle.

Hand over the quilt to someone and keep them entertained by finding out what hidden messages the quilt contains. They could further add and expand on the quilt stories.

The interactive quilt is made up of squares that can individually record a voice or other sounds when touching a square and playback the recorded message or music by applying a bit more pressure to the touch.  Each square can have it’s own recorded message. Made of e-textile materials and technologies, the Talking Quilt is fully washable.

One could be carried away with all the possibilities a recording/talking quilt would have as family or party entertainment.

[via: Gizmowatch]

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