Bare conductive – electrifying the body

conductive_bodypaint.jpgConductive body paint could enable us to interact with our continuously shrinking electronic devices not only via clothing but directly via our skin.

At least this is the vision of the creator of ‘Bare Conductive‘: Becky Pilditch, Matt Johnson, Isabel Lizardi and Bibi Nelson, from the Industrial Design Engineering department at the Royal Collage of Art.

The conductive body paint is carbon based and water-soluble, skin-safe and non-invasive. Application of the body paint could be via brushing, stamping or spraying and might be one day be possible to print electrical circuit onto the skin.

Sure there will be the issue of how long the print will last and limitations on how much current can flow along the skin and yeah – I don’t see this in the mass market but in haute tech, high fashion or in more ‘down to earth’ application in the professional space ‘Bare conductive’ could provide a cool, high tech solution.

Conductive ink and paste is used already to electrifying textiles or to create interactive artistic drawings as we have posted about some time ago.

Electrifying the human skin as information transfer medium is not entirely new as Microsoft patented the human skin for data and power distribution back in 2004.

Looking to concepts like skin electronic, textile electronic looks already so established and reasonable feasible.

[source: Next Nature via Grinding]

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