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USB_Necktie.jpgNeckties are one of the few traditional fashion accessories for men although women take over this form of neckties as well. There a countless styles on the market and denying or not – a necktie is used to express the status, membership or many other ‘belonging to’ messages.

Necktie design has seen many transformations adding details with the aim to differentiate. Haute Tech neckties are another means to stand out from the masses …. until everyone has the same and one has to move on to something else.

We checked out the latest add-on function neckties for this season:

“Let’s connect” is the tag line for the USB Necktie from Dialog05 a collective of professional designer in Munich/Germany. ‘Universal connection’ is a collection of USB enabled objects bridging the gab between the analog and the digital world.

The USB necktie is a smart concept for the smart business person to make contacts connections – at a power lunch, during small talk – always ready to receive (via USB).

Spy_Necktie.jpgAnother Haute Tech Necktie comes from Japanese company Thanko, the USB Camera Necktie which is highly recommended for use in top secret meetings and factory inspections.

The tiny pinhole camera is as good as invisible but provides a resolution of 352 x 288 pixels and a recording time of around four hours on the 4GB memory chip. Plug the tie into a Windows computer and you can instantly view and distribute your recorded spy activity.

We have seen mono-color neckties, neckties with an explosion of colors, neckties with all kind of funny and not so funny messages, Dilbert and other cartoon neckties – the list is endless.

USB, Solar or illuminated neckties bring a bit of fun into the otherwise serious business world – seriously.

[via: Dvice]

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