e-textile DIY – Sensing Bracelet

Time_sensing_bracelet.jpgPlusea has added another of her highly inspirational and very detailed e-textile¬† instructions to her ever growing Instructables library, the ‘Time Sensing Bracelet

The Time Sensing Bracelet is a circular fabric potentiometer where a fictive time can be set by making contact in the corresponding position.

Plusea points out ‘There is no point to it but fun.‘ but there is a much higher potential in this neat concept with tons of possible uses.

Make sure you scroll down to the comments on this Instructables as you will find an interesting conversation from other Instructables members of what more can be done with this idea.

As in the many other projects from Plusea, I like the very detailed instructions which in itself are a great source of inspiration on how to work with a bit of electronics and textiles.

For everyone who has difficulties to get hands on the materials used in the e-textile projects or who likes the convenience of a one-stop-shop, Plusea has a neat and growing selection of pre-fabricated components and kits for self assembly on her Etsy shop.

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