Levi’s Redwire DLX iPod Jeans Spring/Summer 2007 collection out now

redwire_dlx.jpgLess than two month after Levi’s® presented the Redwire™ DLX spring/summer 2007 collection, the Jeans are hitting the stores now.

The Redwire™ DLX is available in US and Japan in two different styles and two colors for men and for women.

One model is named Carrot, has the Slough fit and tapered leg. The Capri Redwire DXL is based on the Knee Knocker models with Slough fit as well.

Both Redwire™ DLX models have the iPod® docking cradle built into a hidden side pocket. A red wire (yeah, that’s why they call it Redwire) connects the cradle to the Jeans. Retractable headphones are fixed in a housing on the waistband.

The removable joystick is part of the watch pocket which controls the standard functions of the iPod like play, pause, track forward/back and adjust volume.

The Carrot and the Capri models come in black-casted indigo ‘Black Matrix‘ or bleached-out ‘White Nasty‘ denim.

Our style verdict: the Carrot looks far better than the very basic model from Levi’s first range last year. We welcome the larger selection of colors and styles. Let’s give Levi’s a thump’s up for their new Wearable Electronic range.


You can order the Redwire™ DLX Carrot on Levi’s® US online store for $260.- and the Capri goes for $ 250.- If you live in Japan, you can order the Redwire™ DLX models by ZoZo.

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