Girl Power sound

Audio_hand_bag.jpgWith the warmer and more pleasant weather approaching we can finally spend more time outdoors and looking forward to sit in mother natures living-room with a book in hand and soothing music for a relaxing afternoon.

To make this picture perfect, I am always on the lookout for the perfect accessory to get me free of earphones so I can enjoy natures sound together with my own sound tracks.

One choice is to use the ‘typical’ audio accessories that hook up to a MP3 player. The down side is:  I need to carry another piece of equipment with me.

Audio bags are another option. Many styles are available nowadays starting from heavy duty outdoor backpacks to briefcases, messenger-bags, totes and now these Audio enabled Boho bags from Fi-Hi.

The Fi-Hi Boho Bag has a built in 3-watt stereo amplifier with water-resistant speakers. It connects to any iPod, cell phone, MP3/CD player, hand held game, or any other multimedia device with its built in 3.5 mm stereo jack.

At a price tag of $39.95 the Fi-Hi Boho Bag is on the lower end of the audio bag  price scale and is available in different color/style variations.

If you look for more sound bag choices follow this link for a full overview of Fi-Hi bag products for Her and Him.

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