Video Dress from Hussein Cahalayan

video_dress.jpg Hussein Cahalayan did again surprise and excite the Wearable Electronic Fashion world again with his latest creation presented during the Milan Design Week last weekend.

The last time, Hussein has surprised the Fashion world was during the summer/spring 2007 show last autumn in Paris with the mechanical dress.

This time, Hussein presented a Video Dress that is even more exiting, showing a time lapse of a rose opening and closing up, in a spectacular display of colors and light, created from 15.000 LEDs that are embedded in the fabric.

Though all those LEDs will need quite some power and might not be very practical, it is for sure a brilliant idea and concept that is very pleasant to look at. Hussein Cahalayan truly understands on how to use and combine electronic functionality and technology to create highly fashionable dresses.

In the video below, you can see how the light effects work – gorgeous.

How long will it take to have such a beautiful dress on your next dinner party? To bridge this gap, however long that will be, you could always go to Milan where this Video dress is on display in the Corso Como Gallery.


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