KILLA fuses interactive textile technology with classic Hip-Hop apparel design

KILLA_1.jpgDuring the recently held Vancouver Fashion Week one of the most advanced interactive fashion brands, KILLA put up an exiting presentation where models took over the runway break dancing, flipping, and doing the worm in their interactive hip-hop apparel.

KILLA uses the advanced eSystem interactive garment solution from QIO Systems which allows the wearer to access and control electronic devices through a special ‘smart textile pad’ on the sleeve.

The line offers a wide range of modules that allow the customer to select a mix of functionalities for his/her KILLA outfit, depending on which cell phones and MP3 players they own. It even works with Bluetooth.

The Fall/Winter ’09 collection from KILLA with it’s seamless integration of the e-textile controls into lightweight garments shows how the next generation of urban street wear combines function with a touch of coolness, establishing itself as a leader in the interactive fashion domain by offering a great variety of styles and designs for your next, ‘├╝ber cool’ outfit.


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