Laptop bags with solar power

Solar_power_briefcases.jpgAs the days are getting longer and with it the possibility of more sunny hours we looked around the world of solar power bags for the laptop carrying business men and women.

Laptop bags are usually larger and can accommodate more surface area that can be converted into solar power harvesting power surfaces.

We selected four candidates each offering unique features like design or power or price.

From our conversation around solar power bags people ask if Laptop charging is possible with such bags. In principle yes but solar power generation requires large areas for solar cells. Practically speaking, bags are usually too small to accommodate large solar cells.

Voltaic claims their Generator Solar Bag is able to generate enough power to charge a laptop but this might only be possible under very good conditions with full sun exposure of the bag for a few hours.

Nevertheless, people who need to be most of the time out-and-around for field work with little access to mains power, this might be a good alternative to carrying around spare batteries all day. The price of the Generator Briefcase is around $500.00

Even higher priced is the Solar Briefcase from Sunload at € 998.00 (around $1,350.00) but with a less powerful solar panel which is doing a excellent job in providing enough juice for iPhone, Blackberry and other personal devices. The cost of the Solar Briefcase comes not only from the solar power part but from the excellent and high quality workmanship that goes into this ‘Made in Germany’ briefcase.

The best value for money to my opinion comes from Reware. Their Profolio Business Attache can easily take care for the power needs of all your personal electronic devices on the go and is available for just $249.99

The last solar power laptop case on our list, the Solarmio Solar Laptop Briefcase has the lowest price tag of $149.95 and comes with a unique solar cell design but due to the smaller solar panel used it is also the lowest on power generation capability. It still might come in handy during times of sunshine to keep the power hungry little devices in your pockets happy with a bit of refill.

The cost of  Solar bags as well as their power capability range is wide. To spend or not to spend money on solar power bags depends on the real need and of course your environmental consciousness. If you are always on the margin of running out of power on your cell phone because you use too often the music player function or watch video clips on it, a solar charging bag would be almost priceless when keeping you connected.

In any way, solar charging bags are cool and always a conversation starter, whenever and wherever I go with mine.


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