Moda Milano – Catania iPod Jacket

Moda_Milano_iPod_Jacket.jpgFormer Italian Davis Cup Champion Sergio Tacchini launched Moda Milano in 2007 as a premium elitist range for sports apparel and footwear inspired by the 80’s fashion style.

The Catania Retro Track-top iPod Jacket with Embroidered Sergio Tacchini logo on the chest, front zip fastening, ribbed collar, cuffs and hem and an outer shell  with two forms of polyester fabric give it an exclusive, stylish look.

Fibretronic‘s soft, low profile control element in the sleeve blend’s seamlessly into the soft material and style of the Catania track jacket, making it easy to control the music while keeping the iPod safely out from rain, dust and other harmful environmental elements.

The jacket is bundled with Fibretronic’s IP30 iPod control module but is compatible with the full range of Connected-wear modules.

The Catania Retro Track-top iPod Jacket is a limited edition release so it might not be available for a long time. You could pick up one via this online store for £63.71 (around $91.00)

I am a sucker for Italian design and the MODA MILANO iPod Jacket is no exception on how beautiful classy fashion design can be.


  1. I have just bought this sergio iPod jacket , I haven’t received it yet as it’s still in the post !! But what I would like to know is : how do you clean it ?? Does it have to be dry cleaned ??

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