Jacket, Handbag and Skirt – NYX Clothing let you change your look

Unlike the Custom Kicks we blogged about earlier and which are still concepts models, the NYX Jacket with integrated displays that can show different, self created light pattern or any text, is actually available to buy.

NYX has even expanded their product offerings by showing a skirt and a handbag with music controlled LED light effects at the CES 2007. The skirt and the handbag are still prototypes but we guess it could be produced as well if customer interest exists.

nyx_skirt.jpg nyx_bag.jpg

The Jacket runs on 4 AA Batteries which will keep the LEDs running for 8 to 10 hours. Although the Jackets should not be used on a rainy days outside, don’t worry too much about getting them dirty as they are completely washable after removing the Electronic controller and the battery.

The content to be shown on the LEDs can be downloaded from a computer or from a PDA via Bluetooth.

The price of a custom made Jacket starts at US$ 900.- and can go up to US$ 3.500,- depending on the light intensity of the LEDs, the size of display and other extras.

Have a look at this very good quality YouTube video from I4U to get an idea how NYX sees our fashion future.

Not exactly a bargain price but you get a lot of ‘your style’ flexibility with the integrated LED areas, one on the front and one large on the back. And wearing the skirt will make you for sure the star on every dance floor.

[via: I4U]


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