Hero iPod and Audio jacket

HERO_interactive_iPod_jacket.jpgFor those who are planning to spend some more time in the mountains UK street wear brand Location has launched two interactive, cool looking jackets.

The Hero 3 ICU iPod jacket and the Hero 3 ICU Speaker jacket. Both jackets have a dedicated iPod pocket with Fibertronic‘s CONNECTED-wear controls integrated into the sleeve for use of the iPod without the need to expose it to the elements.

The Hero jackets are sold bundled with Fibretronic’s IP30 iPod module but is compatible with the full range of CONNECTED-wear modules for audio and mobile phone controls.

In addition to the iPod control, the Hero 3 ICU Speaker jacket comes with an amplifier and 2x 2.5W speaker modules that can be attached onto the hood. Via a 3.5mm line-in connector any MP3 player or audio player can connect to the Hero speaker jacket.

In addition to the audio part, the Hero range comes with an integrated RECCO Avalanche Rescue System.

Other unique features include a double-hood system with built-in reflective goggles, Azaleum Outdoor Protect two layer fabric for maximum water repellency and breathability.

Both jackets retail for £140.00 (around $200.00). Check out more details about the interactive HERO jackets by Location.


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