Small price for Big boys – iPod Bomber jacket

iPod_Bomber_Jacket.jpgRepublic, a UK high street retail chain launched last year under their hip and hot style brand ‘Crafted‘ the iPod Bomber jacket constructed with metallic yarn to give it a unique crinkled appearance and designed for the urban streetwear market, cool and gorgeous looking.

The jacket uses Fibretronic’s ‘ConnectedWear‘ audio control technology and works with all iPod models including the iPod touch and iPhones (the last one in ‘airplane mode’).

When launched last year the retail price was £54.99 ($109.40), a reasonable price for a jacket like this but Republic has it on sale now for £15.00 ($21.00) but available only in size XL. Great news and big saving if XL is your size.

What a huge bargain, too bad it’s only in XL size and very limited stock. So if you are one of the big boys, you have the great opportunity to get your interactive iPod jacket for almost free.

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