Italian luxury boom-bag

Pratesi_guitar_bag.jpgTradition rich Italian luxury brand Pratesi embraces the digital age with the creation of the Guitar Backpack which incorporates a speaker/amplifier that connects to any audio player.

Made of vegetable-dyed calf leather with a mini speaker placed at the acoustic opening of a guitar. Inner slit and zip pockets along with adjustable shoulder strap complete the look.

2x AA batteries are required to bring the Pratesi Guitar bag to swing.

Luxury has always had it’s value so it is no surprise that this unique designed Pratesi Guitar Backpack which is available in brown or black, is retailing for $398.00 as seen for example at this online store.

Interesting to observe how many brands, small or famous, come out with sound enabled bags, looks a bit of an emerging trend?!

For me, the Pratesi Guitar bag is the most classiest ‘boom-bag’ I have seen in the market so far.

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