Technology takes to the catwalk

metallic_trend.jpegWe certainly do not have to be convinced about the expanding trend of electronic meets fashion.

We also know that there is much money to be made from fashion-conscious technology.

But we enjoy to get our view reconfirmed from ‘independent’ sites as it is the case of an recent article by

Very often we write about the fashion / apparel / clothing companies but the electronic is equaly important to create Wearable Electronic products.

Here are some reading ‘teaser’ from the very extensive article of ENN:

Aside from being a fashionable item in itself, it seems that the iPod is inspiring legions of designers to integrate the music player with their clothing.

In the range of “wearable technology” clothing that has sprung up in the past few years, various iPod-compatible items appear to be top of the list for designers.

However the trends move in the market, it seems fashion and technology are now inextricably linked, each influencing the other. The winners will undoubtedly be the companies who can follow consumer trends as closely as possible, without becoming fashion victims.

Nothing to add to this statements from our side except: we FULLY AGREE.

Please do not miss out to read the full article on

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