Duffel Backpack with stereo speakers

draw_string_stereo_bag.jpgWe have covered bags and backpacks that double as boom-boxes many times. These bags do a great job when you are out and want to have your tunes as backdrop to your life on the go.

The sound quality will vary depending on the speaker quality but I suggest do not expect HiFi quality on any of them but some will deliver better quality than others.

The UZO1 Drawstring backpack sticks out a bit with it’s duffle style bag design which gives another choice when looking for a boom-bag. The stereo speakers are integrated into the front pocket which can be detached and used as speaker module on other occasions as well.

The speaker pocket contains the amplifier with a 3.5mm audio connector allowing the use with almost any portable device including laptops. 3x AA batteries are required to power the amplifier.

The bag has a drawstring top with a large duffel main compartment to hold school supplies, clothing, and any other personal items. One of the two zippered front side pockets is designed to hold an audio player while the other, detachable contains the audio system.

Noticeable also the price, just $ 29.99 and available in three colors: Red, Blue and Yellow.

Personally I like the seamlessly integrated, surface sound technology from NXT as this technology allows and ‘invisible’ integration of the speaker but on the other hand, conventional speaker make the speaker-bags cheaper.

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