Fashion Geek book launch

Fashion_Geek_book.jpgThe wait is over, Diana Eng invites to her book launch party with Haute Tech fashion show tomorrow, March 19, in NYC.

Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech is shipping now, get your copy and indulge into the many projects the content table of the book lists like ‘Get-the-Message Bag’, ‘Light-up Petal Purse’, ‘Headphone Hoodie’, ‘Lightning Bug Costume’ and more.

Diana Eng belongs to a new generation tech fashion designer who combines technology, math and science with design. She got into the public spotlight with her participation in Project Runway Season 2.

Since then she dedicates part of her time/creativity to explore technology for fashion designer and surprises with beautiful designs that keep always a practical touch to it, one could say: ‘ready-to-wear interactive fashion’.

Her close relation to the crafting community (she is also contributor to Craft: magazine) might have been her motivation to share the experience and tips with the e-textile crafting community.

As teaser for what we can expect to find in Diana’s Fashion Geek book she has posted a video how to make a light up shoe which is described in the book. The video shows only how four light animated shoes will look like in action.

An exiting reading weekend is ahead of me as UPS tells me my copy will arrive ‘within the next 2 days’. Stay tuned for a review of Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech here on talk2myShirt.


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