Fashionable Solar power

element_ary_Tine_Hertz.jpgHaving enough power for all our essential communication and entertainment devices (read: cell-phone, iPod, DS) we need to carry around is already a challenge and all too often those devices run out in the worst possible moment.

Wearable Electronic will add to the challenge on how to ensure continuos power supply on the go without the need for huge, heavy batteries.

Much effort and research foes into wearable power to find the best technologies. Flexible solar cells have a huge potential although improvements have to be made in the efficiency and the production possibilities.

Researchers at the Risø National Laboratory in Denmark are looking for a simple way to print solar active paint onto textiles transforming clothing into a power source.

Two creative design student from the Danish Design School picked up these solar power printing technology and created beautiful looking solar fashion.

The ‘Vigorous Energy‘ solar fashion from Maria Langberg it inspired from ancient Egypt which was very much attached to the sun worshiping it in form of Ra the sun god.


Their history, architecture and their choice of material for their clothing together with their symbolism has inspired Maria to use the scarab, which is the symbol of the sun god Ra, as a pattern for her solar fashion collection.

Element-ary‘ is the name of the solar fashion collection from Tine Hertz which is inspired from her study of Architecture and her interest into the relation between the human body, the space and the architecture that surrounds us.


The ‘Element-ary’ dress which she dubbed an ‘energy tool’, Tina uses elements from architecture to create different three-dimensional shapes in which the solar cells are incorporated.

Two equally unique and highly inspirational solar clothing designs that demonstrate in an exceptionally beautiful way how technology can be merged seamlessly, making technology part of a designs aesthetic.

[via: Fashioning Technology]


  1. hi nice to meet you . my name is florencia . im form argentina and im study nanotextiles in my high school…
    es un tema del cual eh practicado mucho y me mantengo bastate informada. les agradeceria que sigan posteando este tipode informacion ya que es muy interesante, hay sitios mas actualizados.. de los cuales me impresionan los nuevos avances que se hicieron como tejidos que se regeneran… me super interesa el tema. y les agradezco por la informacion
    disculpen mi ingles no es muy bueno, espero qeu sepan disculparme y desde ya muchas gracias

  2. Hi Florencia,
    Thank you for your kind words about our blog and wish you success in your studies. You can drop me anytime a line if you have something interesting for talk2myShirt :-)

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