e-textile DIY – tilt sensing bracelet

tilt_sensor_bracelet.jpgHannah Perner-Wilson added a cute little DIY project to her growing Instructables collection: the Fabric & Bead Tilt Sensing Bracelet.

What does the bracelet do? It is decorated with six conductive fabric petals and a thread of beads with a metal bead at the end.

Designed to make (electrical) contact when the metal bead is inside one of the conductive petals and when the bead ends up between two petals results in twelve position indicators.

It is up to your creativity and fantasy to find a useful or fun application where you can use this instruction. Controlling light or sound effects on clothing related to arm movement could be one example but I guess there will be a long list of things to do with this idea.

What I like on Hannah’s step-by-step overview is the creative way how to jump from the textile electronic to the ‘hard’ world of conventional electronic. A simple but effective ‘interposer’ to connect to a standard Arduino board. This can be very useful for testing out new projects before integrating the electronic more seamlessly via the LilyPad Arduino.


I give a special thumbs-up to the tip of using a nail clipper to cut off component legs 😀

The complete material shopping list and tools requirement can be found on her Instructables together with the very detailed step-by-step instruction how to build your own tilt sensor bracelet.

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