Wearable Audio

wearable_audio.jpgKorean based Aza Extremes has a range of Wearable Audio products under the brand ‘Sound walk‘ which are essentially body harness and bags with integrated audio systems bringing the audio to activities where listening via earphones is not advisable for safety reasons or for the fact that one might want to enjoy music while still staying connected to the surroundings.

There are some great looking jackets on the market that just provide this but a jacket for winter sports might not be always something one can wear all year round.

Powered by 2xAAA batteries and able to connect to any personal audio device via a 3.5mm plug, the sound harness should be able to give decent sound.

I have seen quite some motorbike riders having ‘boomboxes’ mounted somewhere on their bike, entertaining people around them. I think the use of Sound wave’s wearable audio jacket for motorbike riders would be a better and more personal listening experience.

sound_wave_system.jpgAlthough not the most sexiest and fashionable looking products in the wearable electronic department, such products do highlight the value wearable technologies add to achieve more convenience and freedom for people who want to use their personal electronic devices.

The Sound walk Motorbike Audio Jacket retails for $96.60 by this online store.

Based on many discussions I had, people put function before looks in certain situations as long as the functional value is perceived higher than the esthetically importance.

But designers should keep in mind: function should still look decent and this is what I think Aza Extremes has accomplished with the Sound wave Wearable Audio range.


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