Blogging In Motion from your Heart

heartbeat_hoodie.jpgFashion Designer Diana Eng‘s curiosity and creativity to combine fashion and technology lead to very interesting interactive fashion concepts that transform clothing and bags into life-recorder.

The Heartbeat Hoodie, a concept study in 2006 uses a camera to take photographs at moments of interest or excitement. The camera, strategically placed above the eyes on the hoodie, takes photographs as the wearer’s heart rate increases.

The camera is wired discreetly through the seeming of the garment to a smart electronic module that communicates with a wireless heart rate monitor.

The module analyzes the heartbeat for increases that might signify a moment of excitement or interest as opposed to physical exercise.

At the end of the day, you can reflect on moments that caused interest and excitement by viewing the photographs. Since the photographs are taken involuntarily, you may find new points of interest that you were not conscious of.

blogging_in_motion_purse.jpgThe second concept with similar ‘life recording’ functionality is the ‘Blogging In Motion‘ purse Diana created in collaboration with Emily Albinski, Audrey Roy, Jeannie Yang and Yahoo Research Berkley during the ‘Yahoo Hack Day’ in 2006.

The ‘Blogging In Motion’ purse has GPS wired to a basic stamp (microcontroller) which counts the steps. Once 20 or any free selectable amount of steps are taken a connected cell phone takes a photo. The photo is sent to flickr and uploaded onto a blog.

The location is monitored  and recorded via GPS and zone tag. At the end of the day, you can look at your blog and trace back through your steps by viewing photos of where you have been and their locations.

Two brilliant concepts which could be expanded with the functionality smart-phones and new services like Twitter offer today. Imagine your clothing or bag can assist you in giving live, real time updates on your social networking sites wherever your are and whatever you do. No need to stop your busy life to type a quick Twitter message or spend time to upload your latest, greatest discoveries to Facebook.

[via: Trend Hunter]

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