Fashionable Audio Bags

Audio_Couture.jpgWe have covered Boombags, the 21st Century Boom-box, many times before. Some brands integrate the audio (speaker) very discreetly for folks who don’t want to stick out from the crowd.

Not so Loop NYC with their hip and loud designed Audio Couture Ghetto Blaster Bag collection.

The graffiti-print bags make no secret that there is sound coming out of them. An integrated amplifier, two conventional speaker and audio connection that can hook up to almost any device with a 3.5mm audio jack transforms the bag into a 80’s Boombox.

I like the idea of putting together the technology worlds of bags and electronics using very basic technologies but creating a fun yet still practical product.

Amazon carries many different designs and styles of Loop NYC’s Audio Couture bag collection with prices ranging from $30.- to $50.-


A sure way to spice up your life and have some fun during your city walks.

[via: ChipChick]


  1. Can I buy It somewhere? I’m from Brazil has a store here? And how much will it cost if you send me one? The price of the bag and the shipping? Thank you.

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