Salomon Surround Pro Jacket

Surround_Pro_Jacket.jpgFrench mountain sport specialist Salomon is another of the top brands combining their expertise in innovative apparel design for skiing, snowboarding and other mountaineering sport activities with today’s digital lifestyle.

The Surround Pro Jacket is a gorgeous looking jacket for snowboarder and skier  that connects to an iPod stored safely inside the jacket while giving full control to your action soundtrack on the upper arm of the jacket.

Additionally to the iPod control function, the Surround Pro Jacket has small speaker integrated into the collar. Burton launched their Ronin Audio Stroll Jacket with a similar function.

Using earplug style headphones have the advantage to block out all surrounding noise which is great if riding a train or on a plane but in public places this might be dangerous.

Walking on the street or racing down the mountain slopes while listening to your own great sound makes the use of earplugs dangerous as you might not hear whats happening around you like warning shouts from other people.


To drive the speaker, the Surround Pro Jacket uses a small amplifier electronic running on 4x AA batteries which is stashed away inside the jacket. According to the product page there is only little to hear from your great tunes to people staying next to you and no one except you will hear your music when you race down the hills.

We haven’t found any online store selling the Surround Pro Jacket which seems is only available in France for €500.- ($632.-)


  1. I’ve bought this jacket and i didn’t get the speakers and the amplifier with it. Is it normal? and were can i buy them?

  2. These should be included when buying the jacket. I am not sure if and where you could buy the sound component as stand-alone package :(

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