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ConductiveThreadGroup.jpgGetting e-textile materials is still not a s easy as conventional crafting materials like for example thread.

Syuzi Pakhchyan, an expert in smart crafting, has posted on her blog Fashioning Technology a great overview of commercially available, electrically conductive threads together with information on the positive and negative aspects for each of them.

Conductive threads are the foundation of almost any e-textile project and finding the best thread for different projects is for e-textile crafting as important as for traditional sewing.

Jump over the Syuzi’s Conductive Thread Overview and check out what works best for you and where to get it.

After having selected the best e-textile thread, the e-textile crafter needs the intelligent part for creating smart garments.

The first choice here is the LilyPad Arduino developed by Leah Buechley and sold by Sparfun. The LilyPad motherboard offers a wide range of build-in functions but for really creative crafter there is always the need for more. Sparkfun has added to the LilyPad main board a very smart designed LilyPad Protoboard to provide an easy way to design and expand the functionality of the ‘mother ship’.


Coming in two sizes that fit the round form factor of the main board and the sensor boards, the Protoboards are designed to have connection between every hole for component placement which eliminates the need of additional wires to be soldered. To create your final layout you just break (with a knife for example) all the connections not needed and you are ready to go with a PCB layout matching the LilyPad wearable electronic crafting system.

Check out the new LilyPad Protoboard by Sparkfun and start drafting your next, great and very smart textile projects.

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