Fashionable illuminated sports wear

illuminite_jacket.jpgConnecting to our previous articles about visibility enhancing clothing, which is an important factor for fitness enthusiasts like cyclists and runner, here is another example how wearable technologies and techno textiles allow fashionable yet functional clothing.

illumiNITE®, a US based company has a cool and interesting technology packaged into gorgeous looking sport apparel that give illuminated clothing a chick touch.

How it works: The illumiNITE retro reflective technology embeds millions of microscopic satellite dishes into the weave of the fabric. These dishes act like mirrors to reflect back to the original light source.

This ‘magical’ textile technology creates the impression the fabric is lighting up by itself although it’s the sort of passive but very impressive technology.

illumiNITE has a large range of jackets, vests, shirts, pants, shorts and accessories all using the magic illumination fabric for running and cycling apparel, targeted towards a consumer group which is highly depending on good visibility during early morning or late evening fitness activities.


I like the great looking styles of their Sports Wear range with the Silhouette Reflectivity making these apparels not only safer in low light conditions but also looking gorgeous.

Check out the large range of illumiNITE’d Sport Wear, there is a 25% discount on many items this March, a good opportunity to stock up your running/cycling outfit.

Technically speaking, this technology is ‘just’ reflective stripes but the efficiency of their light reflection technology, the fact that these garments can be washed and especially the design which is far more fashionable than traditional reflective clothing deserves a thumbs-up for the illumiNITE┬« Sports Wear range.


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    Is it possible to get a fabric sample for research purposes (possibly free from Customs)?

    Yours sincerely,
    B. Becerir (

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    Prof.Dr. Behcet Becerir
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