Fashionable heated jacket to beat the cold

heated_jacket_women.jpgHeated jackets are still in fashion as winter is not yet over in some areas. Today’s most fashionable heated jackets use carbon fiber materials making heated garments lightweight and allow slim designs unlike ‘old fashion’ heated clothing that’s bulky or contains cumbersome heating cables.

Brookstone added a chick looking heated jacket for women, a soft lightweight fleece jacket with a 3-level controller to get a bit of warmth at times it’s not as cold but beat the cold if needed with the higher setting.

Two heating areas are on the upper chest and one larger heating area on the upper back to ensure even warmth distribution.

Keep in mind that heated clothing works best if the heating garment is snugly around the body and as close as possible to the skin. Too many other layers of clothing between heating fabric and skin will dim down the warm-up effect. After all, the point of using heated clothing is to eliminate the need of many other layers of clothing.

This jacket comes with 5 layers of weather protection: Micro-fleece, a Windblocking layer, Micro-fleece, a Heating Carbon Fiber Layer and Lining so you don’t have to bundle up a lot.

Available also in a mens version which retails for $149.99 and the women’s jacket for $179.95

I like the nice style of the jackets and the idea of not needing lots of layers of clothing to survive snugly warm the transition between winter and spring time.

[via: ChipChick]


  1. Where do we find the information and suppliers to get our own carbon fiber heating elements and power supplies so that we can make our own heated jackets?

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