talk2us and Eleksen – the new Forum of talk2myShirt

forum_tshirt3.gifTo make talk2myShirt more interactive and to facilitate the communication among our growing readership, we proudly announce the official launch of our Forum.

The primary aim of talk2myShirt is to bring Wearable Electronic closer to the consumer. Our new Forum provides a place where consumer can exchange experiences and ask question about existing or new products.

Wearable Electronic is a emerging trend in the Fashion as well as in the Electronic world.

Our new Forum provides a platform for the creative people to share ideas, to discuss, stay informed, explore the possibilities of Smart Fabrics and how Wearable Electronic will shape the future of Fashion.

eleksen-logo_1.jpgLast but not least, we are very exited that Eleksen, the leader in Wearable Electronic technologies, gives us a hand by participating in our Forum to answer any question that our reader and members have around Eleksen’s technology as well as products. Take this opportunity and talk directly with the experts.

You will find dedicated sections for your questions to be answered by the experts from Eleksen directly.

We hope that the Forum will be a place – our place – to work and to enjoy Wearable Electronic products.

Please hop over to our Forum, have a look around and join if you like. There is enough room for anything you want to ask or to give your opinion about our work and about Wearable Electronic.

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