Haute Tech during New York Fashion Week

fluoriscent_fashion_Marc_Jacobs.jpgInteractive clothing got attention during the recently held New York Fashion Week.

Marc Jacobs for example introduced the Fluorescent Winter Fashion collection by testing a more interactive color scheme for high street fashion.

Although fluorescent fabrics need UV light to shine brightly, interacting with the ambient environment, it is only a small step to a more active material wearable technologies can provide.

More fashion technology oriented was the CBS ‘Early Show’ with the title ‘Exclusive Geek Fashion Show‘ about clothes and accessories that either incorporate technology or help to carry and manage the tech you already have. Here is the link to the CBS video.

interactive_fashion_IQ.jpgMost notable in this show was the interactive clothing range from Summit Wired called ‘IQ’ based on the PANiQ technology from QIO Systems.

Beautifully designed clothing ranging from hoodies to fitness apparel, all equipped with the interactive textile technology allowing an easy and convenient access to iPod, iPhone or other personal entertainment and communication devices.

Check out the full range of IQ apparels by Summit Wired.

The example of Marc Jacobs shows how reactive, ‘living’ materials can add a bit of magic to the appearance of clothing but as said before, much more could and I think will come in future.

The IQ interactive clothing range shows how advanced, intelligent fabrics like QIO System’s e-textile can be seamlessly integrated in a fashionable way not only into jackets but also into light clothing for fitness enthusiasts as well as city folks who like the safety and convenience interactive clothing offers.

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