OSMO – social networking enabled clothing

osmo_wearable_social_network.jpgAfter writing about the Wearable Friend Finder, I was on the lookout if there are any other design concepts around the idea of bringing the social networking trend and the personalization desire for clothing together.

My find of the day: ‘OSMO the Custom Social Network‘ is envisioning participants of social networks to customize clothing with smart, flex-image fabric.

It is ‘networked and alive’ and communicates with your iPhone applications, detects ‘friends’ from your Looptâ„¢ profile and picks up and displays images from other participants in close proximity.

In case you wonder if such concept ideas are going ‘over-the-top’ or are a bit to geek of far fetched, think about how clothing is used since the days people started covering up their nudity: as an expression of belonging to a specific group, profession, religion, culture, political movement. Wearing T-shirts with images of celebrities, a favorite band and singer, sports teams of persons, the list is very long.

Wearing ones social (online) network on clothing can and will be just another form of showing a dedication and admiration to certain interests. Currently traditional materials in clothing do not support the frequent and instant changes we are used to get in our online social networking environment.

Wearable technologies can provide the means to transform the static clothing world from yesteryear to the dynamic, fast changing world of today and tomorrow. It will just be a matter of time until the technologies are ready to take on the new trends in lifestyle and fashion.

[source: Creating Space via The Design Blog]

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