DIY e-textiles crafting for beginners with StitchLits

StitchLite_e_textile_kit.jpgArtist-Researcher-Educator Kate Hartman, currently an adjunct faculty member at New York University teaching courses in soft circuitry and physical computing created a cute little tool box targeted towards novices in e-textile crafting.

She made her DIY kit called ‘StichLits‘ available on Etsy which contains everything needed to create a first ‘electrified’ crafting project for clothing, bags or costumes.

The contents are white sewable LEDs, needle and needle threader, yards of conductive thread, coin cell battery with sewable holder and a snap to be used as on/off switch. The only thing that comes not with this kit is creativity.

But hold on – Kate has also a kick start kit to get you started: an Instructables demonstrating the StitchLite kit in action.

A very detailed overview with many photos illustrate the use of the different components from the StitchLite kit.

If you need more inspiration on how to use the e-textile crafting kit, we had an article last year about the Reconfigurable Soft Wall Lamp created from a student in one of Kate Hartman’s Soft Circuit Workshops.

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