Burton Audio Stroll Down Jacket review

Burton_Audio_Jacket.jpgWe have introduced Burton’s Ronin Audio Stroll Down Jacket back in November as one of the first jackets with integrated sound system enabling you to rave down the hills to your favorite soundtracks but still lets you hear any danger around you as you don’t block your ears with headphones.

Brian Lam, editorial Director by Gizmodo, the hottest place for technology loving people, has posted a review of the Audio Stroll Jacket. In a nutshell: quite impressive sound quality and as Brian points out – ‘Battery life is 10 hours, but good news— when your battery pack dies, your iPod or whatever you’ve got plugged into the mini jack, will still be as loud as a set of headphones, without amplification.

For the complete review and lot of detail photos of the Audio Jacket’s components click over to Gizmodo.

The good news for everyone wanting to get hands on this Jacket: is is now available for $293.97 via this link. A steep discount compared to the introduction price of $419.5 last November. The Ronin Audio Stroll Down Jacket comes in three color shades: True Black, Bright White and True Red.

Saving some money in times like this is sweet music in our ears.

[via: Gizmodo]


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