Endura Luminite cycling jacket

Luminite_cycling_jacket.jpgFollowing up on the Illuminated Running Apparel from yesterday which is still at the concept stage, the Endura Luminite 2009 cycling jacket is maybe not as sexy as the NR4 but ready for the action if you are into cycling.

Cyclists have similar safety issues in low light condition as runners – they are easily overlooked or seen too late and accidents happen too often.

One can debate about the looks of additional lighting in clothing but everything that helps increasing the visibility of cyclists (and runners) can minimize if not eliminate the low visibility risk factor.

Endura’s Luminite cycling jacket has a line of battery powered LEDs integrated into the rear of the jacket.

The use of battery powered light, which we call ‘active light’ compared to passive light of reflective materials, increases greatly the visibility and does not relay on light to be reflected.

One battery load will light up the safety feature for around 50 hours.

The jacket is made of waterproof material, fully seam sealed and has additional, reflective areas around the jacket for maximum visibility.

The Luminite cycling jacket comes in 3 colors (black, green, yellow) and is available on various online stores like this one for $125.96

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