Illuminated Running Apparel

NR4_illuminated_running_apparel.jpgDesigner Jeffrey S. Engelhardt created an extraordinary cool looking illuminated clothing especially for the safety needs of runners which are in great danger of being hit by cars during low light conditions.

Using Electro Luminescent (EL) wires for a soft, flexible integration into the clothing will ensure great wearing comfort.

The rechargeable battery for the EL wire is position on the upper back to center its weight – a clever idea.

Jeffrey also envisions a soft GPS module attached to the NR4 illuminated running apparel to record the running data like location, distance, time for performance monitoring and analysis back home.

Noticeable on this concept is the connection chosen between the electronic parts and battery: magnetic contacts.

NR4_running_apparel.jpgAlthough magnetic contacts are not new in the wearable technologies toolbox they are not yet widely used. They offer very good (electrical) contact quality and radiate a kind of ‘magical’, ‘cool’ method of connecting parts, especially on clothing and bags.

The NR4 Illuminated Running Apparel is a great concept with practical value, nicely designed. Apparently a working prototype is available but I haven’t found any photos of it yet.

Let’s hope this concept can make it to the market as safety in low light conditions for runners is a very much needed feature.

[via: Yanko Design]


  1. This is a great idea and would be especially useful out here on country roads especially during low light conditions. Plus on most american roads there is no shoulder for people to walk or jog on so it makes it that much more risky for pedestrians. Great invention and would like to see more people wearing it.

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